"Helping you build your collection one bobble head at a time"

What are Bobble Heads?

At BobbleMania.co.uk we are obsessed with Bobble Heads (AKA Nodders, Wacky Wobblers, Head Knockers, Bobbing Head Dolls, Nodniks etc). Despite their many names all of these collectables are essentially scaled down models with disproportionately large movable craniums.

There are many types of bobble heads: Be they retro or modern; plastic, ceramic or metallic; Funko, Neca, Bif Bang Pow! or Independent; from the worlds of TV, Film, Advertising, a major Sports franchises, Current or Historic Figures etc; mass produced, limited run or one off... we simply cannot get enough!  

BobbleMania.co.uk's Mission Statement:

As UK collectors ourselves we understand how difficult it can be to get hold of these often sought after products at the right prices in the UK. This inspired us to establish and develop this site to form what is essentially a collectors' co-operative.

To make these wonderful creations more readily available to other UK collectors we are committing to invest significant financial resources to order "job lots" from wholesalers to redistribute through ebay and other outlets.  

We are looking to cover our costs and turn a small profit (which will in turn be taxed as HMRC class the act of buying to resell on the internet as trading!)

Always Happy to Help

If there is a particular collectable you are after please contact us and we will help in any way that we can.

Similarly if you have any excess stock or duplicate bobbles in your collection please contact us to see if we can do a deal or a trade.

This site has developed from our own collecting hobby but please be assured that we will always endeavour to ensure your satisfaction as a customer is primary.

Thanks and we hope to be of service to you

The BobbleMania.co.uk team (over 100 different bobbles and counting :)

  To contact us 

Please email bobblemania@hotmail.co.uk

In the mean time please enjoy a small selection of my collection which I am in the process of photo-cataloguing

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